Privacy & Security

Your privacy is very important to us. Your name and address will be used to complete your payment and to deliver your order. We may share your contact information with the organization that produces the event to which you have purchased tickets. That producing organization may include your address on their mailings so that you can be informed about their activities. If you do not wish to have your information shared in this manner, simply inform us at the time you place your order. You may inform your TicketWorks telephone reservationist or check the appropriate option in our online ticket ordering. We will not sell nor share your address or other information with any other party. If you sign up or “subscribe” to receive information and event “t-mail” on our optional notification lists, we will send information to you about events, tickets and merchandise that are on-sale at TicketWorks, and you will be automatically eligible for any ticket give-aways which are in effect. We may, from time to time, also send you notices about other products and services that may be of interest to our shoppers. In such cases, we simply will be passing along paid advertisements that we feel may be of interest to you, based on your request-for-information profile. Only we will contact you with this information; we will not make your contact information available to any other party or advertising lists. You may “unsubscribe” from our service or change your request-for-information profile at any time you choose. We are real people, interested in your real-time experience at TicketWorks. Please e-mail the Founder, John Work, whenever you have a comment or suggestion. Really! — He wants to know what you think.

If you have any concern about notices you receive from us, or wish to personally communicate with us about your online experience at our site, please contact Customer Service at 612-343-3390. You may also contact us via email at


Our order pages are secured using industry-standard encryption with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This technology ensures that your personal information is seen only by you, its intended recipient, and not anyone in-between. Depending on your browser’s capability and settings, our order pages employ either AES encryption with 256-bit keys (the standard used by the U.S. Government to secure “Top Secret”-level sensitive information) or RC4 encryption with 128-bit keys. For further reading about SSL and encryption, see this page.