About Sensified

We are forward-thinking, action-oriented, and committed to all stakeholders

Sensified was created out of a desire to fill a perceived gap in the role of healthcare communications agencies. Over years of experience in the industry, we observed many agencies working in silos – both in their internal structures and in how they collaborated with other stakeholders.

We couldn’t shake the feeling that there had to be a better solution. So we created it. Sensified is our solution to break the mold, to shake up the expectations of how agencies should work, and to create a new standard for healthcare communication agencies across the board.

What sets us apart?

You may be wondering what really makes us different. In our opinion, it’s many things. But here’s a few that stand out to us.

We stay one step ahead.

We use insights to strategize and proactively anticipate client needs, so we can create tailored solutions before they’re requested.

We don’t just listen, we hear.

We take an active role in all our conversations. We don’t wait to be told what to do, instead we hear our clients’ challenges and turn them into areas of opportunity.

We learn our clients’ business.

Checking off a to-do without context just isn’t satisfying to us. We strive to learn each of our clients’ businesses inside and out so that we understand our work and the bigger picture.

We work well with others.

It’s not uncommon to find tension when multiple agencies are working together for one customer. At Sensified we view working with other agencies as an opportunity to leverage as many great minds as possible.

We build relationships.

We don’t just want to know our role and the business – we want to know our customers and their customers. Whether you’re a long-term customer or a brand new one, we will always strive to be a true partner.

We work together.

Sensified employees are trained to work across many aspects of the company, rather than in silos. This allows our team to understand the full picture of our business, grow their skills, and feel connected to their work – which benefits both our employees and our clients.

We could go on, but we only have so much room. Want to learn more? Visit our What We Do page for our capabilities or start a conversation with us.

Read enough? Watch our video!